Our Personal Service - Your Benefit

H Financial Management High Contact Philosophy

In the wealth management business, communication cannot be overrated. Many of our clients who were formerly with other advisory firms have told us stories about unreturned phone calls, failures to meet personal deadlines, and general lack of attention after signing the account forms. We believer that our clients appreciate our regular phone calls, the face-to-face meetings in our office, and our proactive stance towards ALL of our clients’ financial needs. In fact, our advisers spend a great deal of their working days in face-to-face meetings or on the phone with clients. This is the main reason why we believe that our client retention is so high.

Reaching out to ALL of our clients is important and that is why we are selective when it comes to bringing a client into the firm. Our selective approach allows us to limit our high net worth clientele to a manageable number so that we can maximize the efforts of our advisers on behalf of clients. Furthermore, with every aspect of the business firmly in control of back office staff, this really does leave our advisors to do what they do best: communicate with clients!

If you would like this level of personal service, please give us a call at 1-800-344-5434, or request a consultation through our online form.  Just click on ‘Request a Quote’, then ‘INFORMATION REQUEST’ for a consultation.